Contract Management & Landscape Inspections

As You Are Well Aware, Landscape Maintenance Is Often Your Highest Monthly Operating Expense. It Is Also One Of The Most Critical Factors Affecting The First Impression Of Your Guests Or Residents.

Yet, often the contractor supplies the maintenance contract specifications you are working under. In addition, as talented as your management team may be they are at a serious disadvantage because the contractor usually knows much more about landscaping then they do. Beside that, your staff is asked to manage more details today then ever and is often distracted by other urgent matters.

Wouldn’t it be wise management to have a “Master Horticulturalist” providing you with your own contract specifications modified to really meet the needs of your landscape and budget? Wouldn’t it be a great relief to have a “Master Horticulturalist” overseeing your contractor through an inspection and management program to be sure you are getting exactly what is in the contract?




  • Gives your management team the tools to take greater ownership of their landscape assets and to more effectively manage and hold their landscape contractor accountable.
  • Anticipates landscape issues and offers a course of action to prevent a negative impact and turns it into a positive.
  • Identifies current landscape issues and provides a course of action for immediate resolution.
  • Identifies cultural and horticultural needs of landscape assets and offers directives to enhance and maximize their visual impact.
  • Provides your management team a valuable resource of information and guidance beyond what they can obtain from a contractor.
  • Increases your management teams’ general knowledge of landscaping and increases confidence in order to be a more effective and valuable team member. With the right contract specifications in place and regularly scheduled inspections the results are the maximum protection and enhancements of your green assets.