Award Winning Landscape Design

Don’t Leave Your Curb Appeal To A Contractor Who May Think He Knows What You Need But Trust A
“Master Horticulturalist” With A Proven Resume Of Success.

In today’s business climate it is imperative that you get the most impact for your landscape improvement budget. You need an improvement that will give you not only immediate impact but still be performing for you year after year. Think about how many landscape improvements you have seen that meet those criteria. “Master Horticulture Consulting” can do just that for you.




In 2007 “Master Horticulture Consulting” was presented an “Award Of Excellence” from the Florida Growers And Landscape Association. In addition, “Master Horticulture Consulting” was presented the prestigious “Roy L. Rood Award” for the best of all of the entrees from across the state.





In 2009 “Master Horticulture Consulting” was presented an “Award Of Excellence” from The Florida Growers And Landscape Association for the waterfall landscape design for the primary signage of “Wet and Wild Water Park.”



These are just two examples of the scores of landscape enhancements designs generated for my clients over the years.

In addition to the design, the key to a successful enhancement is the oversight I provide during the installation. I make sure the contractor is doing the job right, with the best plant quality and on time.